Ann Conver
Photography is my passion…making images, exhibiting and teaching photography.
I grew up in Peoria, Illinois, in a family rich with artists, musicians and writers.

My undergraduate work was done at University of Saint Mary, Leavenworth, Kansas, where I had the great fortune of being taught by people who were not only excellent teachers but exceptional artists and have been generous mentors throughout my artistic career.

I received my professional photographic training at the Maine Photographic Workshop in Rockport, Maine, where I was a resident for a full year; I earned a Master of Fine Art from Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois.

The process of image making through photography has always been and still is magic to me. Whether looking through the lens, viewing a capture on the back of a digital camera or on a computer or watching a print come up in a tray of developer…magic. The challenge for any craftsman is to perfect his medium. It is my goal to capture the best picture in camera through the use of all the exposure controls that a camera has to offer, the title of my book,
Digital Photography, Best Picture in Camera, by Ann Conver, 2015 and my fresh off the computer ebook, Photoshop Elements Tutorial, by Ann Conver, 2011
If you would like to purchase one or both of these ebooks contact me.